McLaren Honda racing against time with Alonso

Following his concussion in the curse of a testing accident, there is wide speculation as to whether Fernando Alonso will be back on his feet in time to make the entrance for the Malaysian GP. Alonso had an unfortunate accident in the course of testing, and though reports in Spain indicate that he passed the medicals at Cambridge, there is still time on the clock for the FIA to assess whether or not he will be allowed to proceed.

Fans and enthusiasts all over would love nothing better than to see Alonso in Malaysia next weekend. However, all this will only be possible if the FIA doctors are convinced that he can actually make it. Before getting in for the first practice, he will be put through a number of tests, the prominent of which will require him to evacuate the cockpit in 5 seconds, something which is more of a formality as at this point. Once the technical staff and FIA doctors are convinced, he can then be allowed to participate.

Should Alonso be in participation, McLaren and Honda will be under a lot of pressure, considering that their season started rather sluggish. They will be battling against time, to enhance performance and guarantee reliability on Alonso through the season.

While he was away, Kevin Magnussen was selected as a replacement to partner Jenson Button, and the mismatch was evident as they struggled through Melbourne. Getting him back on schedule is therefore top priority especially for Honda who are keen on getting their F1 challenge back on track.

For them to get the proper mileage in the first race, they had to get their engine turned down. Either way, Button still managed 288 km/h, which was 14 km/h lower than the Mercedes and 21 km/h lower than the Sauber. It will be amazing for the team if they can get Alonso back, considering that he understood the design better, especially having tried it out before the beginning of the season.

The challenge for Honda however, starts from the fact that they have one of the prized assets in the world in Alonso, but he is struggling. When you have a two time world champion struggling for form and having a hard time making it through the qualifying session, you have to fear for the worst.

The worst or the best is yet to come so far, and fans all over the world will be looking to the team to pull together and bring in good results.

Grand Prix Circuits to die for

As an enthusiast of the Grand Prix, there are things that set your pulse racing, your adrenaline rushing so fast. Of course getting the tickets and making it to the circuits is one of the best things that you can look forward to, but have you ever wondered which are the best circuits the world over?

Glamor and glitz must go through your mind right now, some of the finest manufacturers in the industry, tech giants, marketing and advertising moguls, everyone wants to be associated with the leading brands. However, those who enjoy the speed of the GP will certainly love the feeling of turning the best circuits in the world into their playground. Just in case you have never thought about it yet, the following are some of the finest in the world. Make sure you visit as many of them as you can.

British GP – There is a lot of history in this one, being one of the oldest championships in the world. At 5.90 km, it features a race length of more than 300 km, currently held in Northampsire, Silverstone.

Italian GP – Started in Brescia in 1921 and is as a matter of fact one of the oldest in the history of high speed racing. With more than 300 km, this Monza-held circuit is in fact considered among the highly prestigious races.

Malaysian GP – Normally run in the Sepan International Circuit, with more than 310 km run on the 5.5 km circuit. It is outspoken, with respect to the mystery that surrounds the challenge of the weather variations on the circuit.

German GP – The Germans joined the F1 circuit in 1951, with the circuit currently being run in Hockenheim, and at times Nurburgring.

Abu Dhabi GP – The most intriguing thing about this particular circuit is the fact that it is built upon the Yas Island, cutting through sand dunes, residential areas, theme parks and beaches. Drivers have to race through the 5.5 km circuit, which is considered one of the country’s major tourist attractions to date.

Valencia GP – There are parts of this circuit that were designed by the same person who designed the Abu Dhabi GP, Herman Tilke. With the same concept there are parts of the circuit that feature drivers racing through the town, and through the port area instead of the normal race track which runs outside town.

Formula 1 Driving Experience

Driving one of the Formula 1 cars is a dream for a lot of people, a dream that so many would love to live before they depart from this world. If you are one of the diehard fans who would give anything to enjoy this, you are lucky. Today you can get to live this dream through the Formula 1 Driving Experience. This is an all-inclusive driving lesson that will see you get in the driver’s seat, tutored by some of the finest drivers in the history of Formula 1.

The Formula 1 Driving Experience is an exclusive encounter where you get to learn how to handle the speed cars, and even get to take them on a test drive. From the moment you get to the circuit, everything will roll on smoothly. First they serve you some light breakfast after which you meet your instructor who will then get you into one of the cars and take you round the track for a number of laps in order to familiarize you with the encounter.

During the familiarization, you will be shown the racing lines and at the same time, your tutor will also let you in on a few tricks of how to make sure that you get the best out of the driving experience. After familiarization you will be taken through a brief on safety. This is important because as a learner you might be too eager or excited and things can easily get out of hand. Apart from that, you will also learn some of the techniques for high speed driving. This includes how to maneuver, how to avoid hitting one another on the tracks and you must also be shown how to make an emergency exit if things spiral out of control. They basically take you through all the important things that you need to know in order to get a good driving lesson through the Formula 1 Driving Experience.

Finally you get to drive the vehicle, though you must have a racing drive by your side. As you go through the circuit, the driver takes note of your technique, the way you handle the vehicle and how you react. All this is done in 10 laps round the circuit.

From there, you will move from the sports saloon car to a faster car, perhaps a Porsche, then you move to a Ferrari and so forth. By the end of the day, you should have had quite the experience, and learnt as much as you can to keep your enthusiasm burning for a very long time.

Red Bull MotoGP is coming to Downtown Austin

In the event that you are driving through Downtown Austin one of these days, there is every possibility that you will not miss the sight of the mural. The colors are just the type to draw your attention. The mural was erected in readiness for the Red Bull GP, at AF1 Racing. You will see it along Cesar Chavez St, 304E.

A lot of local talent went into the design of the mural, with Aaron Darling coming up with the ultimate design. Darling is a member of SprATX, a street art graffiti artist. The structure of the mural has 4 MotoGP riders hot in competition with one another, and black paint splashing from the further end of their bikes. To the right is the COTA Tower, and the Austin skyline completes the background. From an artistic point of view, it looks amazing, close enough to perfection as you will perhaps come across anywhere else. The design of the mural took 2 weeks to come up with. Adding the details to the final mural was not easy, and a projector had to be used to see it through, though most of the work on it was done freehand.

If you do not already have your tickets, make a run for it and grab some before they get sold out. This year you can even get yourself VIP hospitality tickets, which have an all-inclusive package that will definitely work wonders for you. This will allow you access to the 3rd floor outdoor patio, enjoy a three day multiple turn ticket pass and an unlimited access every day of the tournament to the Main Grandstand.

With three days of racing and a host of other activities, the Red Bull GP of The Americas will be one of the events you never want to miss out on this year. You also have the chance to get your hands on the largest ever collection worldwide of Evel Knievel memorabilia. Apart from that, you will have access to stunt performances, demonstrations, aerobatic performances and at the end of the event, there will be a post-race concert, from Cheap Trick, legends in the industry. If you are coming with a child under the age of 15, they will be allowed in free, as long as you are ticketed. This is the chance of a lifetime, so try and make sure that you do not miss out.

Jorge Lorenzo to feature at the Circuit of the Americas

Get your calendar and clear your schedule for April 10 – 12 2015. This is because the focus of your attention will be on the Circuit of The Americas. In the build up to the event, there have been efforts far and wide to popularize the tournament, while at the same time making sure that those who are to participate also get close to the fans.
The official sponsors of the tournament together with the organizers of the Circuit of The Americas will from time to time highlight the riders that are going to take part, in order to allow fans and enthusiasts all over the world to stay abreast with the developments. 27 year old Jorge Lorenzo is one of the riders that will not be missing out this time.
Riding bike number 99, the Spanish rider has 4 world championships under his name, and is currently representing Movistar Yamaha MotorGP. He has managed 54 career wins, within which he won the MotoGP in 2010 and 2012, and the 250cc category in 2006 and 2007. He has been actively competing for 13 years, during which he also won in the following categories; 125cc, 250cc and the MotoGP 500cc.
Jorge is proud to be part of the talented Spanish contingent that has over the years taken over MotoGP worldwide. His passion for racing started when he was a young boy in his hometown of Mallorca. In 2002 he raced in the 125cc class and won 4 different races before he moved up to 250cc in 2005.
Of course it has not been a smooth ride all through. In as much as he has enjoyed a number of wins, the heartbreaking bit is the fact that even with so any podium finishes in his first year, he never managed a victory, at least not until 2006 when he won his first ever world championship, thanks to 8 straight races. He followed this through the following year, winning 9 races to retain his title.
One of the main reasons why he is keen on participating in the Circuit of The Americas is because he has, as others would put it, scores to settle. In 2013 he had a very good run, finishing 3rd after Respol Honda. Later on he would be penalized for jumping a start and handed a drive through penalty which set him to the end of the pack. However, he was still determined to make something out of it, and ended up finishing in 10th slot.
Be sure to get your tickets to see him battle with the rest in April.

The allure of the Grand Prix

Take some time and think beyond the speed and the adrenaline that comes with the same, why do people really love the Grand Prix? Besides the US, there are different circuits all over the world that attract the attention of fans and drivers from all walks of life. There are interesting circuits in Monaco, Brazil, in Abu Dhabi to mention but a few of the most popular. Beyond the allure of these incredible circuits, the Grand Prix has always been an attraction for so many reasons.


Every other time when the GP is in session, there are challenges all over the place. It is not just the drivers who face up to the challenge of battling with some of the greatest in the world on the tracks, even the fans face some. Imagine for example drivers who compete at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paolo in Brazil, a circuit that runs counter-clockwise, complete with high turns and twists and a high elevation through the hills.

As a GP fan, you the challenge is more of an adventure, considering that you will need to get access to the events early enough, strive to get the finest seats, and most importantly, plan exciting activities during the event.

The season schedule

One of the most important things that a lot of GP enthusiasts look forward to is usually the end of the season. When curtains fall on the season, there is so much enthusiasm about drivers moving from one team to the other, some retiring and so forth. This is normally one of the things that people look forward to, and in as much as it marks the end of the season, preparation for the next one kicks into top gear almost immediately.

The excitement that is associated with the Grand Prix is equally shared with the drivers, the fans and the teams behind the success of these drivers. Everyone loves to win, and people work day and night to make sure that it happens.

Challenging tracks, the risk of crashing during the events and the wild cheers that rent the air are some of the important highlights of the Grand Prix season. Skilled drivers usually take to the circuits, battling for the highest honor in the races so far.

Perhaps one of the other things that rarely get mentioned, and which definitely make the races incredible, is the pride. By the end of the season, it’s always about bragging rights and who comes on top.

Enjoy the thrill of Circuit de Monaco

Ever wondered why the Monaco Grand Prix is considered the ultimate GP experience in the world? Well, you do not have to make your way to Monaco and be a part of the experience for you to find out, but if you can get this golden chance, never let it go. With more than 260km, the Circuit de Monaco is considered by a lot of drivers to be one of the most difficult racing tracks the world over. It is not just difficult, but one of the most dangerous too. The event lasts 4 days every year, with the streets filled with fans and racing cars. It is quite the marvel to be precise.

The Tunnel

Perhaps it is irresponsible to mention the Circuit de Monaco without talking about the magnificent tunnel, which is equally famous as is the entire event. Throughout the tracks, the tunnel is actually one of the toughest challenges yet, requiring an incredible skill level to maneuver as the drivers make it through the GP circuit. As luck would have it, this tunnel is in fact unique to this circuit only.

What adds more thrill to the uniqueness of the tunnel is the fact that the drivers have to emerge from the darkness of the tunnel and thrust their cars into bright light, and all this at one of the fastest sections of the race. If this doesn’t make it the most dangerous part of the race, well perhaps your adrenaline level needs some nitrous boost. This is also one of the main reasons why so many people in the racing fraternity would do anything to get tickets to the Monaco GP.

The rush

With a lot of people all over the world clamoring to get the front row experience to this amazing adventure, tickets normally run out so fast. To be on the safe side, always make sure that you get your tickets early enough. To be precise, the finest seats sell out very fast so make sure that you plan this well in advance.

At the same time, while preparing to make your way to France for the Circuit de Monaco, you must also remember that you will need a place to stay for the 4 days, so as you rush to get your tickets, proceed in similar haste to get accommodation.

If you really are a fan of the GP, the Circuit de Monaco is one of the events that you can never miss out on.

Formula 1: Living the Dream

Boys, men, women these days everyone is deeply hooked on to F1. There was once a time when Formula 1 was a thrill associated with boys and men. However, times have changed and at the moment there are a lot of people who enjoy the beauty, the marvel that is F1. The adrenaline rush, the beauty of the circuits, the experience of enjoying a good time in a different city and perhaps in a different country throughout the circuit further adds to the awesome precipice that is the F1 season.

From as early as 1950 during the first ever season, Europe has always been set ablaze when the season kicks in. Speed drivers, alluring sideshows, fans thronging the streets from all over the world, all of this is part of the fanfare of the highest caliber of auto racing ever sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Every season there are series of races on special circuits and at times some of them are run on the normal access public roads through cities worldwide. Every season there is stiff competition not just between the drivers but also between the companies and brands that they are representing.

Just in case you are wondering, before you become a F1 driver, you must have a valid Super License, which is normally issued only by the FIA and is also the highest rank for a racing license all over the world. With a racing speed of up to 360 km/h, these are some of the fastest cars that you can come across in the world today.

You can also come across some interesting material online about the dynamics of the performance of these vehicles, how the drivers prepare for the races and how the teams that work behind the scenes make sure that only the best come out winners at the end of the season. Points for F1 racing are aggregated through the season and the tallies determine who wins when the season finally draws to a close.

With some crazy budgets, there is a lot of technology in play in F1, to ensure that even as the drivers go through some of the most challenging circuits throughout the world, they are able to do it all with a guarantee of safety, and at the same time deliver the promise of fun to the fans and spectators all over the world.

Karting: Fun for the whole family

Kart sports are not just thrilling, they are supposed to be fun for the whole family. There are several parks in the country from where you can take your family to have fun and enjoy all this. From as early as 5 years old, you can get in and have a go at karting. It is an incredible adventure, considering that some people still go karting even into their 70s, and some way after that. There are different skill levels for karting, starting at 15 MPH for beginners, and as you learn you can advance to ride at the higher performance level. When you get to the higher performance level, you are looking at the possibility of going 0 – 125 MPH in around 5 – 6 seconds, having as much fun as you would perhaps if you were driving a F1 car.

On close inspection, you will realize that a lot of the professional drivers today started their careers from kart driving, and have never looked back since then. Some of the still find time in their busy schedules to go out and have some fun every once in a while. In the event that you are interested, you can consider going in for a karting course.

Professional karts are normally built to A/1 CIK levels in the country, which is a prerequisite for kart tracks. Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is one of the few parks in the country from where you can enjoy this. The park has a caution lighting and CCTV system that is similar to the one that is used during F1 races, giving you the ultimate experience when you are out there.

The AMP Park is wide enough to hold 2 – 3 events at the same time, apart from which you are able to utilize the kart rental garages available. For an amazing experience, you can even consider enrolling your kids or even yourself into their racing school programs so that you get trained by some of the best in the industry. They also allow access to the facilities to non-members, though it would be more awesome for you to consider registering and becoming a member to enjoy more privileges.

If you are the kind of person that is enthusiastic about high performance, from cars, boats to motorcycles, karting should definitely do the trick for you. It is not just thrilling, it is exhilarating.

Get ready for Lone Star Le Mans at COTA

Lone Star Le Mans has always been an exciting racing event throughout the years in as far as racing history is concerned. The concept is a weekend of sporting activity, high speed racing in a bid to relive and honor the memory of the legend. This is as a matter of fact the premier world sports car series in the world, bringing together FIA World Endurance Championship and the Tudor United Sports Car Championship. The event has been scheduled to run from September 17th to September 19th.

The thrill of the Lone Star Le Mans comes from the fact that it is so far the only race that runs all through into the evening, with the final events running just after nightfall. To cap off an amazing event, there are plans for the conventional fireworks, mesmerizing fans and enthusiasts all over the world as the vehicles battle for supremacy on the 3.4 mile track.

Lone Star Le Mans normally brings together some of the fastest and most advanced vehicles in as far as technology is advanced. These vehicles go head to head against production vehicles that have been uniquely modified to suit this particular race. Lone Star Le Mans actually acts as the perfect avenue to showcase the use of renewable energy and hybrid technology in high speed racing, and also acting as the premier event to test-drive some of these models and present them to investors.

If you attend the Lone Star Le Mans, you will have the chance to have front row access to modern research at its finest, with a magnificent show of high end development into modern race and road cars. This is what makes the Lone Star Le Mans an incredible experience; it is not just for the speed junkies, it is also the best place to be if you appreciate technology, and if you are optimistic about the future of technology on our roads.

Throughout the weekend, fans are allowed up-close access to the drivers and the cars. Besides that, you are also able to interact with the teams, the people behind the success of the event because fans are also able to get access to the track invasions, pit walks and car display sections. This is also the perfect place for you to get autographs and enjoy some interactive racing games with your loved ones too.